Duke Laurent of Cold Currents

Faerie Lord


Duke Laurent of Cold Currents appears to be a male elf of high noble blood. He dresses in blacks and midnight blues and wields a silver rapier.


Duke Laurent is a faerie lord. His palace of black basalt is lit with cold blue flames and floats within a starry void, empty, devoid of residents and revelry. He claims that his power is waning, nearly spent, but that doesn’t prevent the Hooded One from seeking him out, or artifacts related to him, to consume his power.

He may or may not have had a romantic relationship with the Divine Empress at some point. If he did, that is no longer a going concern.

Our protagonists did him a favor and in return he rewarded them with magical treasures. Debt fulfilled he is now out of their lives forever…

(how likely is that, do you think?)

Duke Laurent of Cold Currents

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