The Empress' Assassin


Goodness can occur without order, but it will be fleeting and arbitrary. As a
person grows in temporal or personal power there are fewer circumstances that will incite them to act with kindness and compassion. The genuinely benevolent do exist, and some of those amass power as a means to lift all those around them out of the chaos and poverty. I am not here for those people.

I do not recall the specifics of my life before the Road, but I know that I am an agent of Order and the Law. I am the motivation for the powerful to rule without cruelty or duplicity. I am one of the Daggers of the Empress



Jahandra knows that law and order are the only threads of sufficient strength to bind together the disparate packs of people who are, in aggregate, “The Empire”. Jahandra knows this because that is all they were taught since birth. They dim recollections that occasionally flash across their mind, especially when doing some particularly rote task like explaining the intricate interplay of laws or executing a deviant criminal, tend to revolve around those formative years at the academy.

Classmates grew fewer and fewer as the years passed until only a handful remained. Those are when the advanced lessons began. There are 73 distinct angles that a blade can enter the upper torso of most bipedal sentients that will cause death within five minutes. There are seventeen subsections of the parental laws concerning how and when a child may be reassigned. There are, as far as Jahandra knows, two flavors of ice cream.

The classes on seduction, charm, and guile were not areas that Jahandra excelled in. The complexities and contradictory information delivered by the instructors was frustrating and, in Jahandra’s opinion, generally unreliable. The instructors decided this was not a good use of their time, so they were allowed to skip those classes and focus more on useful endeavors.


Jahandra has not been doing the job on their own for very long, but time has started to become a more elusive measurement. Whenever they think about the Empress, Jahandra knows that nothing could be more important than serving her and the laws that spring forth from the throne. Well, almost always.

On rare occasions, late at night or early in the morning, Jahandra knows that the Empress must die and that they are the chosen instrument. Life is confusing for Jahandra sometimes.



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