Katra who was Given

Chosen one, yet one of many


Katra lived a quiet life with her loving parents, large family (an older brother, and five younger siblings) until she was chosen from among her people to be the next gift to the Empress — the next one to care for the royal gardens and menagerie, whose mythical creatures and fantastical plants were near legend in her home. It was a duty long served by her people, generation after generation, rarely discussed but understood as necessary for the preservation of her quiet village. And so she discarded her family name and began her journey to this new role of service.

She never understood the reason she was chosen, and the act of being chosen was a blur, filled with half-remembered visions and emotions just beyond her grasp to recall. No doubt it was her affinity for living things and her fascination with the unusual that singled her out. But regardless of the reason — one must be given, and so it was her honor and her duty to seek out her new place and serve until her last breath.


Katra who was Given

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