Lucy Talbot

Not all that she appears to be


At first, it seemed as though Lucy was one of those people that had everything she could have ever wanted in life.

The eldest of her siblings, she had always been raised in luxury and comfort as well as with the knowledge that in time she would come to inherit everything her parents had built up and would become a woman of means herself one day. She had every advantage and comfort, good relationships with her family, and a bright future with her loving fiance to look forward to.

Until what started as a night of innocent parlor games ended with her as the only survivor of events she can even now only partially piece together, and a curse that she doesn’t know how to rid herself of. She fled from her home city with the knowledge that she will never be able to return again and must now live her life in exile in the hopes of staying one step ahead of those that would punish her for the crimes of the being inside her.



Lucy Talbot

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