Nancy of Arborvale

Former Priestess of the Mother's Children


Nancy is a young woman with long black hair that conceals the slight points to her ears. She is fond of flowers.


Nancy once lived an ordinary life in the bucolic village of Arborvale, a place of almost unnatural peace, safety, and serenity thanks to the blessings of the Mother, a local earth goddess who ensured the safety and bounty of the valley in exchange for the infertility of its inhabitants. The only way a woman of Arborvale could conceive was by sacrificing the life of another upon the Mother’s altar during the Spring Festival.

For countless years the elderly or despairing of Arborvale would volunteer to die for the next generation. One year, however, the high priestess decided to try accelerating the process by abducting travelers on the road for sacrifice. This didn’t go well, and in the ensuing carnage Nancy discovered that her goddess was really a malevolent hag. While the Mother was slain, her coven-members have sworn vengeance and Nancy was forced to flee Arborvale in the very company of its intended sacrifices in order to draw Doom away from her husband and relatives.

She is now an exile from her home with nowhere to go.

Nancy of Arborvale

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