Phineas St. Ambrose

Just a typical boy prodigy.


Phineas is a rather serious child, especially for one of such tender years. He rarely smiles, though when he does it never looks like a child’s smile, carefree and unburdened by the weight of the world. Instead it looks cynical, even insolent, especially when he doesn’t realize he’s being watched.

He has short dark hair, a slight, slender build, and dark brown eyes that are far too knowing and direct. Over one shoulder he carries a satchel in which he keeps an oversized dog-eared spell-book.



As is clear to anyone who hears his name, Phineas is an orphan from Saint Ambrose’ Home for the Wayward, and Ward of the Imperial State. His conditional emancipation is overseen by Miss Penelope, the cheerful and motherly Familiar assigned to his case.

Phineas can’t remember when he entered Imperial Service; but it surely can’t have been long. He’s only twelve years old, after all. Still, he carries himself with laudable decorum, and shows none of the squeamishness one might expect from a child whenever life on the Imperial Road gets messy.


Phineas St. Ambrose

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