Rene Ordell

The Career Soldier




  • Standard Bearer of the 2nd Cohort, of the First Shield of the 3rd Auxillary Battlion of the Imperial Irregulars “The Stone Harts” out of the Eastern Marches.


An exceptionally tall and solidly built figure, Rene appears in all ways to be a normal human male with rich dark skin, clean shaven both head and face. A strong jaw and sharp cheekbones would make him handsome upon casual glance, but there is a stiffness to him, a coldness that he seems to exude whether from the stillness in his bearing, the thousand yard stare, or the cool air that seems to surround him. For those brave enough to come closer, his face and body bear the tale of countless battles, with wicked looking scars and long faded bruising that adorn his features. Some of the scars would almost seem like they made some sort of pattern, but it’s hard to tell as he is seldom seen outside his arms and armor. One oddity that is known to those who find themselves frequently in his presence is the fact that his eyes are mis-matched, one a warm shade of brown the other has an oddly glossy sheen that reflects the light oddly. The light scarring around that eye make some believe that it is fake but his peripheral vision does not seem impacted at all.



A quiet individual, he smiles rarely and laughs even less often. He is unerringly polite, he seldom raises his voice and seems to be extremely even keeled in terms of emotion. He has a thick skin when it comes to jests and has the patience of a saint for things that he deems inconsequential to his purpose. But there is something about him, something empty and hungry. He stares out at the horizon as if trying to find something, someone, some missing thing and while he has never complained there is a quiet cloud of sorrow that shades him even in the brightest of sunlit days.

DnD Beyond Sheet



Rene Ordell has been in the service of the Empress for a long time, he doesn’t recall much of his childhood, adolescence or early adulthood. Like a dream he can remember intense moments that are adrift in a vague sense of existence. Learning to use a spear from his father, listening to his letters and numbers from his mother, the warmth of summers and the bite of winters. It’s all a mosaic that makes up “before”, before the Village, before he met Her, before he and his men held their grown defending the lone settlement against… against the Highwaymen, or perhaps some greater darkness. Before his men were butchered, before the townsfolk were slaughtered, before he fell wounded and bleeding in Her arms. Everything before that is a dream, and the moments right after like a nightmare. He vaguely recalls “nothing” and then something.


He remembers the pain of breathing, the ache of a body that had been abused and battered but one that was whole and strong. He remembers rising in the old gnome’s tower, hearing him cackle with glee at… saving his life? The days after that are feverish and muddled but he recalls even now learning that the town was slaughtered and that everyone was lost to the darkness, even Her. He swore as he grew stronger more stable that he would never stop fighting against the darkness until those like Her and her people were safe. But that was… a while ago, so very long ago. But he continues, he serves still, no longer the regular army but as an irregular, traveling spreading the Empress’ Justince and holding back the dark things that haunt the shadows and the fel places beyond the road. He will never stop, he’s not even sure he would know how.


  • James “Bucky” Buchanan, aka The Winter Soldier – Falcon & The Winter Soldier (Various)
  • Beric Dondarrion, aka The Lightning Lord – Song of Ice & Fire
  • Frankenstein’s Monster – Frankenstein
  • Private Luc Deveraux, aka GR44 – Universal Soldier
  • Alex Murphy, aka RoboCop – RoboCop
  • Din Djarin, aka The Mandalorian – The Mandalorian

Rene’s familar Owlliver.

Sword gifted to him by Laurent Duke of the Cold Currents, the name of the blade is Ebonflow

Rene Ordell

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