Victor Bellamy

Famed Monster Hunter


Victor Bellamy is a middle-aged man that probably cleans up nice when he’s not covered in the blood of the monsters he’s slain. He prefers firearms and silver-edged bladed weapons.


Victor Bellamy is a famed monster hunter who once traveled the lands destroying terrors that threatened the innocent. He briefly contemplated setting that life aside for love, choosing to settle down in the Capitol with his fiance Lucy Talbot until, through horrible twist of fate, she and all her friends were torn apart by a clawed beast during her bachelorette party.

Or so he thought. He swore to hunt the beast down only to discover, in a moment of horror, that his lady love WAS the beast. Victor fled this truth, but has left open the possibility of further discussion, should Lucy find him once more in Stonecrest.

Victor Bellamy

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